Friday, 25 September 2015

He She Eat

Waffills in Causeway Bay is a new concept which stands for "Waffle with fillings". Rather than the traditional topping-over-waffle option, Belgian chef-owner Joeri Schreurs gave his national treat a twist and came up with a sealed version where fillings, both sweet and savoury, are tucked neatly inside the dough.
The waffill dough is tasteless, so it relies on the fillings for flavour. The cheese burger waffill (HK$58) we tried (which has now been replaced by chili con carne) didn't disappoint. The tomato beef sauce with cheddar cheese was very rich, although the shell was more bread-like. My friend tried the barbecue pulled pork waffill (HK$48), and enjoyed the tender meat with potato, onion, cream cheese and barbecue sauce.
The mess-free packaging makes it a great grab-and-go choice. The waffills are served in a handy paper box, and you simply rip off the stripe in the middle and remove the upper lid. That way, you can enjoy your piping hot waffill without burning your hands.
Chicken tikka masala (HK$48) and Thai prawn (HK$52) sounded very tempting, and there was also a vegetarian waffill (HK$40) — potato, lentils, peas, cauliflower and carrots.
Unfortunately, all their sweet fruit waffills (HK$36) — apple, strawberry or mango — were sold out when we visited at 6pm. So we went for the Brussels premium (HK$68) instead. We loved its light and fluffy texture. The mixed berries, whipped cream, icing sugar, and a choice of ice cream (caramel, chocolate or vanilla) and sauce (caramel, chocolate or strawberry) made it even better.
The restaurant is small and homey, with four seats and a blackboard to doodle on. It can get hot as all the baking goes on in the kitchen behind the counter.